We believe that it is time for a reform of the way that Tech Support is being provided today.

The cost of home support is far exceeding the value and since traditional support providers are not able to sell expensive equipment we see the over-inflated cost of services today.

Here at tecLogic, we empower you to get the most out of your technology and making IT your second nature.

$99 Fix Guaranteed

at home

Getting your computer at home fixed will cost you an arm and a leg, you are better off buying a new one! Here at tecLogic we guarantee that we can fix your computer for no more than $99 and thats a Guarantee!

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Technical Business

Ensuring that your IT environment for your small business is set up fit for purpose could sound like a daunting thing, but in reality it isn't. With our roadmap, you not only get set up properly, but we will also help you understand how it works.

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Modern Technology Needs

In the old days Technology Experts were termed Nerds due to their high intellect, fascination of an unknown subject and their said lack of social skills.

Today it could not be any further from what is needed in a Technology Partner, what you need is a Technology Expert that have people-skills to assist you through choosing the best options and solutions for yourself.


Case Studies

Have look into some of the recommendations we have provided to some of our customers. We have also mentioned some jobs that we have taken on to give you an idea of how we work.

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See what some of our customers say about the work we do both at home and work as well as the benefits that they have received from our recommendations.

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